American Ranch Dog Trials 

10 minute time Open



Handler will send their dog from a designated area. It will be a blind fetch of 5 head of cattle.

Once the handler sends the dog to find the cattle at that time the handler will be allowed to go with the dog until the handler reaches a ravine in the middle of the pasture. At that point the handler must stop and the dog must continue on to find and gather the cattle back to the handler 

There will be a 2 minute horn that if the dog is having trouble with the cattle at that time the handler can continue on past the ravine and go help the dog if the handler chooses to do so.

There will be a penalty of 25 fetch points  

After the handler and dog gathers the cattle across the ravine, that’s where the timeline will stop for tie breaker purposes. Then, the handler and dog will take the cattle through a Y obstacle.  The handler does not have to worry about breaking any imaginary planes around the obstacles, but the handler will have to bring the cattle in a certain way and exit a certain way. 

Once the Y obstacle is completed the handler and dog will take the cattle to a pasture rotation.  The handler will have to ride or walk up and open a gate and bring the cattle through then shut the gate before moving on. Then, the handler and dog must take the cattle to a round a bout obstacle where the cattle must enter in a certain area and exit out of 1 of the 2 gate openings.  Then, the handler and dog will proceed to bring the cattle to a set of portable pens and pen them.  Then sort 2 off and load 3 in a trailer .

If the handler feels that He/She is running out of time and there is one or two head in the trailer they can raise their hand and call time and acquire what ever points are accumulated in the trailer which is the last obstacle. 

Each cow through an obstacle is 5 points 
25 points available per obstacle 
150 points Total 

You must get at least one cow through an obstacle before continuing on to the next 

Everything will be the same for the Non Pro class, except for when the Handler send their dog. 
They will he allowed to go all the way with their dogs , so the ravine is taking out of play for the Non Pro class.  The Handler can work Horseback, UTV or a foot.


Any Owner/Handler will be allowed to swap an entry up until the FIRST dog runs in the FIRST round and withdrawals or changes after that becomes a scratch.  If an unforeseen circumstance happens, such as death of your entry, the Owner/Handler will be allowed to substitute another dog or if there is not a substitution available the Owner/Handler will receive a refund of your entry.   ** Updated 9/5/2020

          The American Ranch Dog Trials

                                 Rule & Obstacles 

**There are NO E-Collars or Electric Collars allowed once the dog enters the pasture for competition.**